Featured Member Quilts: April 1


We’d like to thank Julie Glenn not just for sharing her finished masterpiece, the “Michigan Lighthouse Dedication Quilt”, but also for giving information about the process she used and the meaning the work of art has. Good people in our lives can be our own lighthouses, too. She writes about the pattern:

“I ordered the patterns from Aunt Mary’s Originals. She has made patterns out of many of Michigan’s lighthouses and sells them online. The quilt pattern is ‘Attic Windows’“.

Julie also said that the most challenging part was appliquing the state of Michigan while the tiny lighthouse windows were surprisingly easy. Each block is dedicated to a woman who has been important in Julie’s life with a dedication page sewn on the back. All of us know the importance of gratitude in our lives…that ability to honor others for what they’ve meant for us, and to be able to verbalize it. Quilts are a great way of honoring others and sharing that honor. Thank you, Julie, for your post and for inspiring us!


A quilt always holds a story. We’d like to thank Peggy Groves for posting her “Pass House Quilt” and telling our readers not just the pattern name but also the story of how it was made and the challenges overcome. Even Katrina. The pattern is “Annie’s Choice”. This is the story, as written by Peggy:

“I started it in March of 2005 in Pass Christian, MS and finished it in July of 2012 in Adams, MA. One of the reasons for the delay was that I couldn’t figure out how to quilt a king size quilt on a queen size frame. So after a long while my husband figured out how. And yes, it wasa challenge but it worked. I was able tofinish 2 more king sized I had ready. This quilt has a lot of memories tied to it. I would take it to our local quilt shop to work on it here in town. But as you all know hurricane Katrina came through in late August. It wiped out our downtown area and 3/4 of our town. So there went the quilt shop. The owner moved away so therefore the quilt shop did not come back. My quilt is now on my bed in Pass Christian.

Thank you, Peggy, for sharing your work of art with our readers at 24 Blocks.

There’s a tremendous amount of art and meaning in this sampler quilt by Michaela Coogan. It uses both piecing and applique and the color choices with all the rose tones are beautiful. One thing that immediately stuck us is how was how the primary colors in some of the eggs drew in the eye…but that also is marvelous because, at Easter and spring time, it’s a symbol of new life that is bright. Michaela’s story shows why:

“Whilemaking this quilt in 1994 both of my Grandfathers died. The Church block has two tombstones with their names and dates. I thank the Lord for taking them to Heaven. The bunny block doesn’t go with the rest but it was a special request from my son who was age 6 at the time. It’s precious to me because I can still see in my mind his little hands holding the colored eggs and passing them to me as I sewed. It is lined with the same small VIP black calico print used in the quilt top. Mostlymachine applique and hand quilted.”

The top of this dramatic quilt had been hand-pieced by Ruby Wright’s mother who passed away 8 years ago Saturday. Ruby just finished hand quilting it and it has been very popular with our readers. It is, of course, a traditional pattern often called “The Garden Walk”, “Grandma’s Flower Garden” , or “French Bouquet”. The dark blue makes it look like flowers blooming at night. Most of us who have been fortunate to have quilts done by family members who have passed on know what a work of love and memory that finishing it was. Thank you, Ruby, for allowing us to share in that.

Table runners make such nice gifts and we couldn’t resist Amy Dravland‘s spring runner she made for her Easter hostess. Amy writes that it was her first attempt at machine quilting on her own machine and her first time making binding. We all love “firsts” and pretty things in spring. We also like that cookbook… Thanks, Amy, for your post.

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