Featured Member Quilts: April 10


Is there anything more beautiful in nature than the morning’s light breaking over a lake or the ocean? It gives us such an inspirational feeling, the knowledge that each day is a new creation. Barbara Ludins has captured that feeling in her quilt she calls “Morning Glory”. She writes,

Throughoutthe year, I took pictures of the sunrise over Lake Superior. The photos were taken on point with the horizon across the middle. After printing them on fabric, I used them as the center blocks in a Lady of the Lake pattern. I called it Morning Glory.

We all call it beautiful and creative. Notice, too, the precision in her horizontal lines and alternating dark/light in the small squares that gives it a 3-dimensional, radiant look from a distance. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing it with our quilting community at 24 Blocks.

Most of us have quilts that have been “in progress” for a decade or two so we have to smile knowingly at Kristin Coker‘s comment on her fantastic and complex “Baltimore Album” quilt. She writes that she started it when her children were small, then put it away, and finally finished it up when her youngest went off to college. It is all hand-done applique. You can see by the very small pieces like the buds of flowers that it was very difficult to do. We’d like to say “Bravo” to Kristin and a deep-felt “thank you” for her post. (And, then, there’s that applique that this writer for 24 Blocks put away….and the last child has finished college…)

Robetta Baker shared with us this marvelous photo of her niece who just finished her first quilt! Bravo! She picked out all of the fabrics and hand pieced the quilt top all by herself. It is twin sized and is folded in this photo. Robetta writes, “So proud of her and her love of crafts/art at such a young age!” We can all share in expressing that pride. The happy colors in the quilt mirror the beautiful smile of a talented young lady!


Heather Miller made this baby quilt last year from her own design and completely done by hand. She writes that it is perfect for Spring and we can all agree with that. The pink and green and the butterflies in the fabric are all lively and the blocks look alike window frames allowing us to look outside into a freshly blooming world. Thank you, Heather, for sharing it with us.


We’d like to thank Wendy Holman for posting this wonderful photo of her Mom with the wonderful work of textile art her Mother created… all by hand. Notice all the details in it. There are many sheep. There are little buckets hanging on the posts in the manger. One of the shepherds appears to be a child. The rocks, the grass, the tiny windows in the houses, the leaves… It’s been very popular with our readers. We all love to be inspired to create art, too. Thank you, Wendy!

We’d love to see your works of quilted art, too. Just upload them to our 24 Blocks Facebook page. Our readers always like to know the pattern name and the details of how a quilt was constructed. We also like to know family stories and how a quilt was inspired or how it might be used.

We learn from each other. And inspiration grows when it is shared.

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