Featured Member Quilts: April 11

Hello again! Don’t you love seeing quilts that look like gems of light breaking through a window or maybe just like glass blocks that have been built up like a grown-up’s version of Legos? They are just always beautiful and bright and vibrant.

This morning we’d like to feature just a few of those, all from our readers. Fridays are such a good time to think about a new project using happy, vibrant colors.

Thanks go to Nona, Marilyn, Marcia and Heidi for sharing their work with all of us.

from Nona Smith: “Made for my sister. This is a Marcie Baker pattern from one of her books.”

Nona’s use of light yellow/cream on the tops of many of her cubes makes it look like a bit of sunlight filtering through a window with leaves outside. We know her sister will love it. Marcie Baker makes great modern use of versions of “Tumbling Blocks”. Nona’s quilt looks a lot like her “Honeycomb Waffle” design.

Hexagon blocks may be a traditional form, but they can go so modern. Jenny Beyer also uses them in many of her designs. Her “Block Party”, “Enchantment”, “Hollow Cube” and “Cubicle” blocks could be used to form fantastic modern works.

from: Marilyn Pollock Johnston: “Here is my Cathedral Window quilt. It is all done by hand. I felt it was dirty from handing while sewing for over a year so I washed it. It is made of vintage muslin so it crinkled and wrinkled from washing. I wanted to iron it but my hubby said I should leave it. I took it with me to my quilt group and my fellow quilters agreed it should not be ironed as the crinkling added to the vintge look. I entered it in the county fair and was disppointed to get a white ribbon on it. I could hardly wait to see the judges written comments to see what I had done wrong. I picked it up from the fair today. The comment on the back of the tag read ” Very nice Vintage(underlined) cathedral window piece. Thanks for exhibiting it” Lol guess I made it a litttle bit too vintage.”

“Cathedral Windows” will forever be a blue-ribbon favorite here at 24 Blocks. There’s a tremendous amount of work that went into Marilyn’s quilt and it is fresh and modern. Only the technique is vintage. 🙂

from Marcia Long Haynes: “High contrast/value quilt made for my niece’s 14th birthday. A total of 56 fabrics were used. Some were from my stash, some were selected and given to me by my niece and others were purchased. I named the quilt “Happy, Happy, Happy.”

It is a happy quilt. We love the addition of the pink/black print to give it a modern edge.

from: Heidi Sorensen: “Mother Daughter weekend project.. This is our “Disappearing 4-patch” Top. Made with 48 fabrics from our stash.. I love remembering past projects as we go through the stash!”

There’s something both peaceful and bright about Heidi’s work. We always love seeing the quilter, too! A deck or balcony does make for a good display location!

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