Featured Member Quilts: April 13


Look closely at the magnificent use of vibrant color used in the layered elements in this floral composition by Linda Longenecker. There’s so much intensity radiating outward. It is gorgeous and a work of art!


This is Karen Carsey’s “Bright and Happy Rainbow Quilt”. She writes,

“Easyto make. A great project to use those 4 1/2 inch fabric scraps, you canmake each square from a different print and you can vary the size quiteeasily. This project measures 43×47. The back is a fun Rainbow Stripe.

One of our readers noted that it followed the “Roy G. Biv” pattern and Karen then mentioned that she once did at talk on Roy G. Biv. For our readers who are wondering who in the world Roy is…. it’s a reference to the colors of the rainbow, in sequence: red, orange,yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The whole concept goes back in antiquity. Aristotle said there were seven basic colors. Newton correlated it to the musical scale. It was fun seeing a reference to that on a 24 Blocks post. Thanks ladies!

Sharon Mason made this quilt while recovering from rotator cuff surgery. She couldn’t do Free Motion, but could piece. It’s proud, purposeful, determined. We love it. Spring always renews!

This dramatic beauty was posted by Theresa Hoffman who just writes that it is one of her favorites. We concur with the comment made by Sonia that it looks like one of the images captured by the Hubble telescope; stars exploding outward.

Pat Henderson just writes that she made this “Disney Cars” for her Grandson’s birthday. We love the energy….

So quilters, it’s time to rev our engines!

Thanks to all of you who have posted quilts on our Facebook page at 24 Blocks.

We inspire each other!

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