Featured Member Quilts: April 15 Evening

Hello again from 24 Blocks! We’ve had so many wonderful and beautiful quilts shared with us in the last two days. It’s such a delight to see. So, here for your enjoyment, we’ve picked out a few to feature. They all have clear color, a bit of radiance that warms the spirit. We hope they inspire.

Thanks go to Lahonda, Melanie, Jan, and Ann for sharing them with us all at 24 Blocks. There are many more which we will feature soon as we all share in the celebration of each other’s vision and creative spirit.

from: Jan Mueller: “Cactus Flower pattern. I used hand dyed fabrics. One of my favorites.”

from: Lahonda Littleton: “Scrappy diamonds and stars”

from: Ann Hartwell: “This is the quilt I made for my daughter’s first child, a little girl. Some of the patches are made from fabric scraps from my daughter’s dresses when she was little. (I never throw fabric out.)”

from: Melanie Hands: “Scandinavian Flag Quilt by [mrs. hands]”

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