Featured Member Quilts: April 16 Daybreak

This morning we’d like to feature quilts that give a feel of being grounded…of being organic to the earth…of being attached somehow to the generations or tradition. Even the bunny. We hope they give you some ideas for a new project…or at least help you get the day started with so much beauty.

Thanks go to Wendy, Kelly, Delphine & Betsy for sharing the photos of their work. The captions are their own words.

from: Wendy Ellen Arend: “My introduction to paper piecing. I still can’t believe I finished it.”

from: Kelly Williams Batts: “”the greatest fan”Made from my father’s clothes after his passing. I refer to it as my therapy quilt.”

from: Delphine Steficek: “I made this quilt for my handyman. He’s the best, cause he can fix or build anything! He’s even building his own log cabin home.”

from: Betsy Goodfellow: “Love this Easter wall hanging because of colors–not traditional pastel colors”

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