Featured Member Quilts: April 2

Wow! Peggy Sorrell‘s Dragonfly quilt has become very popular with our readers at 24 Blocks in just a short time. It is stunning. Peggy writes that the pattern is from Thimble-art.com and that they have a large variety of dimensional quilt patterns. In this one the dragonfly wings are only attached at the base, thus it has “dimension”. Peggy created it for their granddaughter.

Peggy’s quilt was about dragonflies. This beauty, by Nancy Lacey, is about hummingbirds…a symbol of hope. Nancy writes,

“Idesigned this quilt for a special baby girl who is due to arrive this week. The parents to be tried very hard to have this little girl and right before they found out that mom was expecting, everyone started seeing hummingbirds all over the place. The hummingbirds became their symbol of hope. Although you can’t see it in the photo, the quilt is quilted in an all-over hummingbird pattern.

There are not many gifts that are better than a beautiful work created by the hand of those who share love and hope! This is beautiful and the story will be retold for a very long time.

This Dresden Plate was made by Bonnie Palmer‘s Grandmother-in-law, Laura Wood of Missouri, sometime in the 1940’s. It is completely hand pieced and hand quilted. Notice the wedge shaped pieces on the border, the scalloped edge and the large plate centers that make them almost look like sunflowers. Bonnie also posted another photo of the quilt on our Facebook page showing a portion of the back and the fine stitches. It is so well done!

Debra Phelps posted this photo of her sunny Amish Dahlia quilt. Her mother purchased it at an antiques shop in 2009. The pattern is becoming more popular. Those poofy petals “pop”.

Quilts based both on tumbling blocks and the the six-pointed star have been traditional patterns that are much loved. They intrigue. Jacki Zuest’s interpretation has modernized it and we at 24 Blocks are mesmerized. Jacki writes that this one is made from Hermes ties…yes, Hermes. It was made for a friend who moved to Hawaii and who said he’d never wear a tie again. It now hangs in his office. It is an amazing work of art with the color and pattern placement. Hermes. Ties. It is a good way to end this evening’s Features.

We’d like to thank all our followers on 24 Blocks who have graciously posted photos of your work and the work of others you’ve been fortunate to have. We learn from each other and we inspire each other. Thank you.

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