Featured Member Quilts: April 20


Fabric artist Marcella Brown has just recently created this ZentangleÆ quilt that has been very popular with our readers. The technique is becoming more popular not only in quilting but also in art and as a technique for relaxation. There are several online resources about how to do a layout. (Note: From our reading, the word “Zentangle” is a registered trademark requiring the use of the “Æ” symbol after it.)

Marcella, as always, creates beauty with good design and color. The rose bursting through on a black and white pattern looks not only fashionable, but symbolic of love bursting through a landscape of that might seem broken and complex.


Sometimes you just feel the need for love…and to feel things like the reassurance that the emergence of redbud trees brings. So, we all can appreciate this quilt by Jan Bennett-Collier who writes,

“Thisquilt was constructed with one simple block repeated over and over in different colorways. It is assembled in rows rather than as blocks. Itis used as a sample for a workshop I teach, but today reminds me of theblooming redbud trees here in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills of central VA.

From Thea Butler, we’re graced with her hand quilted “Kaleidoscope”. As one of our readers said “An exquisite piece of art“. It brings back the joy we had as children looking through the magical kaleidoscopes and learning that beginning fascination with shapes and color.

Cindy Shima just simply writes “Quilt I mde for my niece Noelani” and that she loves quilting. This quilt has also been very popular with our readers.

And finally we’d like to end this morning with Jeanne Jones’s bright and energetic Whirligig in a hex. It reminds everyone of whimsy and celebration. Jeanne just said, in her post, “Who says baby quilts have to be pastel?” We agree!

Thank you all who have contributed posts to our 24 Blocks Facebook page. It’s beeen a rough week in the USA. Our art helps us through it. Blessings to everyone.

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