Featured Member Quilts: April 21

Good Morning! We hope that everyone had a very good weekend. Ours was lovely with wonderful with beautiful spring weather, family, and Easter traditions.

This morning we’d like to feature three quilts, all different, but with a feel of jeweled light. Thanks go to Grace, Shari, and Susan for sharing them with us.

from: Grace Garrett: “Fire Star by Grace Garrett”

The quilting, moving around the star and in the border, in Grace’s spectacular work lends a fascinating contrast to the linear shapes in the star. We love, too, how she has used that light rose color in the center and as tips in the inner star. They seem to be sending out rays of light. It’s one of the most exquisite 8-point stars we’ve ever seen.

from: Sheri Gaumnitz-Zalar: “Modern Wave by Sheri Zalar”

We love modern quilting! Notice what looks to be delicate embellishments in just some of the quilting stem.

from: Susan Youngkin: “Miniature quilt made from pattern in OOP Miniature Quilts magazine. All rotary cut, 16″ x 20″ with smallest block measuring 1.5″ – Hubby thought I was daft!”

Anyone who takes on the challenges of a miniature quilt is not daff…just full of courage and determination. Artists have always worked in miniatures, in many differing forms. There’s a fascination to it.

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