Featured Member Quilts: April 23 Morning

Good morning from 24 Blocks. We love to show off the quilts shared with us by members of our virtual community of quilt-makers and those who just appreciate the art and history of quilting. This morning we’d like to highlight some that may not be as complex as most of the quilts we feature, but that have a wonderful sense of color and layout and whimsey and freedom to them. Some are done by trying a new technique or by newer quilters. One used scraps left over from other projects. They are all beautiful.

Our thanks go to Janice, Alice and Dayle for sharing them with us.

from: Dayle Harmon: “I just finished this scrap quilt made from leftovers from quilts I have made for my nieces and nephews. I backed it in flannel for its “snugability”. I hope the flannel holds up as well as the fronts do.”

from: Janice Boyd: “One of the first quilts I made, tried log cabin but did not realize that you were supposed to have a red middle square. I am self taught and don’t really know how to follow patterns so I am always surprised at what I get.”

We love Janice’s quilt better without the red middle squares. The use of differing colors in the middle, with pastels and a few brighter colors hit just the right note. It’s nice seeing it displayed outside, too!

from: Alice McCombs: “This is my first string quilt; I was striving for discordant colors. I made it for my niece Cora. I named it ‘Cora’s chaos’.”

We love discordant layouts, too. There’s a modern freedom and energy to it.

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