Featured Member Quilts: April 26

They only thing we could say when we saw Kathy Fattman’s modern “Cathedral Windows” was “Wow! Why didn’t we think of that?” Cathedral Windows is always such a pleasing pattern and it’s so nice to see it done in a bright and modern fashion. Kathy made it for her grandson who is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. She wanted the quilt to be a bit softer so added a 3.5″ square of batting to each background piece before folding.


Katrina Schwab used a cross-stitch pattern as a guide to make her unique child’s quilt. The interesting thing about this bear (is it Paddington in a red sweater?) is the quilting. It is quilted in a bee hive motif. There’s even a bee quilted on his nose. The 3 primary colors, with the bright edging, just make it so good for children.

Donna Ervin made this cute quilt for her brother’s grandson who was born with a serious heart problem. Donna’s brother is a volunteer fireman with over 30 years of experience, so she wanted to do a fireman’s theme. All of us who have had first responders in our family know the dedication and skill they have and how tirelessly they give to their communities. And those of us who have had children born in our families who have medical challenges know how important it is to wrap everyone in love. Donna writes,

Itis my own “design”. The borders that are not on this picture are a redband with tiny hearts and then the final border the same as the back which is fire hydrants, pawprints and dalmations. It all came together great.”

We all want to say thank you to Donna for sharing this quilt with us and we wish everyone the very best.

Sonia Chang always has a great eye for color and she knows that sometimes just the right inspiration takes some time to develop. She writes,

“Centermotif of a Mariner’s Star quilt (queen size) that I made for my son a few years ago. Within days of moving to California, my eldest daughter took me to a quilting class for this star and then it sat in a drawer for two years. Periodically, I tookit out, still didn’t know what to do with it and put it away again. Then, in a local quilt store, I saw this perfect blue 36 inch square. The star was centered on it, machine quilted rays radiated outward and the sea-blue border added. The rest of the quilt was color co-ordinatedand I hand quilted the entire thing with in-the-ditch and light houses.

Becky Erdman’s on the road now to the Virginia Quilt Museum where her family’s Civil War quilt is being displayed. But we’d like to thank her for taking the time to post this Christmas banner she made using ties that her mother-in-law had made for her husband. He’s no longer living so Becky used some of the ties for this banner and another one she gave to his daughter. It sparkles with joy…. Inspired anyone?

Thank you all for sharing your creations with our readers at 24 Blocks. Happy Quilting!

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