Featured Member Quilts: April 6


So many of the quilts in our lives tell stories. Some are of art that shines through in times of hardship, times like the Depression when quilts were needed but the art still flourished. Sometimes they are of celebrations. Sometimes they are of finishing a work of art that links everyone together in that story. Sometimes they are simply of an older relative or friend who keeps on…who just keeps on despite failing eyesight and hands that may hurt.

Tracy Wagner‘s story is so heart-touching. This radiant beauty was started by the grandmother of Tracy’s best friend. She had started it shortly before she passed away at age 96, having finished about 1/3 of the top. In order to finish it, since they couldn’t find the pattern, Tracy traced the pieces that were already pieced together. She then hand quilted it. Tracy writes,

“I give complete design credit to Mrs. Imagene Hodge. She was a true southern lady, so I named the quilt “Sweet Tea”. I hope I made her proud.

Pride comes in many ways, sometimes in helping keep the art of someone else alive. We’re not sure exactly what the official pattern name is for the quilt so would like input from our readers. It’s very close to what we’ve always called “Sunburst” in the general category of “Compass” quilts. Can anyone identify it?

Yes, we do finish things. We help keep good memories going, honoring those who have taught us. Andrea Kubish writes,

“Thisis a quilt my mother-in-law started years ago and when she passed away 2years ago, it was found in her things. My husband took it and asked meto finish it for his sister (standing by the bed). My stitches are notas good but I know she loves it. We wrapped it as a Christmas presentand she cried and cried. I learned to quilt from Nathalie, my mil, andI sure miss her being here to teach me things.

We all remember those who taught us. And we can form closer bonds to those still with us who would love to teach us more. Just being able to show older relatives or friends that we value their art and their skill is so important. And, then, we can teach others.

And from Patsy Cosby just some simple hearts. It’s machine stitched and appliqued with hand quilting. It’s so bright and cheerful for Spring. Let Love Bloom.

Beverly Andrews shared with us a work in progress. She writes that this is the center of a quilt she is making for her husband. It is being made from clothing that belonged to his mother. It will be a keepsake, a holder of memory.

Carrissa Renn has used the traditional “Pinwheel” pattern with traditional fabrics to make a quilt that has long been traditional as quilts for men. It has a very vintage feel. Carrissa writes that she used muslin feedsacks and blue patterned feedsacks for the top while the back is made of new printed cotton. The backing goes beautifully with the top. She made the quilt for a gentleman who, we know, is very proud.

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