Featured Member Quilts: April 8

Hello again from 24 Blocks. We just love seeing all the fantastic quilts that have recently been shared with our community. We do inspire each other.

Today we’d like to feature a few that were made either as part of a quilting guild activity and/or for a fundraiser. The long history of quilting is highlighted by quilters who have worked in groups or whose work goes to benefit others. Today we all keep up that tradition.

Thanks go to Kathleen, Vicky and Christine for sharing these very beautiful quilts with us all.

from: Vicky Bertrand: “Donation quilt for the Cancer Society…..Wanted it to be a cheerful quilt but I might have overdone it a little….”

from: Kathleen Castillo: “These are the blocks that I received when I was president of the Heart of California Quilters Guild in 2012. I made three more to finish off the 15. My husband says he needs a new quilt, so guess who is getting this gift? Thank you to my Guild members.”

from Christine LeClair:My quilt guild’s 2014 Opportunity quilt. Every year members of WAQG – West Alabama Quilters Guild piece a quilt to raffle off to support our fundraising and charity endeavors. This years quilt was pieced by our Basics and Beyond class, put together by their amazing teacher Ana, and quilted by me at 2Quilt or not 2Quilt. It is sew beautiful and an inspiration to us all. ó with Ana Self Schuber.”

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