Featured Member Quilts: August 1 Afternoon

It’s always nice to see examples of creative quilting in the afternoon. Here are three recently posted by great members of our quilting community at 24 Blocks on Facebook. We know they will inspire!

We’d like to thank Tama Blough for sharing with us this original work of art she made for a gallery show. It’s entitled “Warming Trend”. At first she was just going to make a sunny wall hanging, but then found fabric with polar bears. The theme then came together. It’s very creative and well done and we can all wish her well with the show.

Those of us who are regulars on 24 Blocks are familiar with the creativity of Becky Erdman. This is her latest work, a quilt for a new grandchild. She writes, “I wanted something fun and free style, so I added a spider web and little spider just like I have in my garden.” Note that all the flowers in the quilt are different. It’s a joyful quilt!

When Karen Larson posted this photo of her very amazing and intricate quilt she only said, “Just finished piecing. It certainly kept me occupied awhile!” Comments, however, have ranged from “ Double WOW!!!” to “This would have kept me occurpied for the rest of my life…absolutely stunning!” The only thing we can say is that it gives a sense of wonderment and that great sense of thankfulness that comes from seeing the beauty created by others…which is always so good to have on an August afternoon.

Thank you Karen, Becky and Tama for sharing your quilting talent with us all.


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