Featured Member Quilts: August 12 Afternoon

Hello again from 24 Blocks. Here are three to very beautiful quilts recently posted by our readers. They are inspiring in many ways. We hope they inspire you, too!

“I just submitted this to be in the New Quilts of Northern California section of the Pacific International Quilt Festival. I’ve always wanted to send something in. I call it “You Can’t Be Depressed”, since a friend remarked that you couldn’t be depressed looking at it.” — Tama Blough.

We agree! It looks like the sun. The use of complimentary colors is always balancing. And we can’t forget that shades of orange/gold and purple have historically been considered “royal” colors. We wish you the best, Tama!

Daphne Huffman made this quilt, called “Stars for my Sister”, for her sister who got to enjoy it for two years before she passed away. One of the nice things about this layout and the colors is that it does look cosmic with stars glowing and expanding in an universe that is always changing. It is very dramatic. Thank you for sharing it with us, Daphne, and its meaning as a gift for your sister.


“Hi, this is a quilt I made for my grandson. It’s been a long time since I’ve quilted and I’d like to hear your feedback. So many memories of my grandmother and the beautiful ones she made. I wanted to try and honor her memory by being the same kind of grandmother. Thank you for your time.” — Elaine Wilson.

Elaine’s quilt has not only been very popular with our readers, it also touched our hearts. Many of us can relate to a comment Elaine made:

I remember Mamaw and her group of little old ladies getting together all the time and putting a quilt together. I’d give just about anything to be able to sit by their frame and listen to them again.

Yes, we can remember. Thank you Elaine for helping bring back those wonderful memories.

Thanks to everyone who has posted recently. We’ll feature more later today.

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