Featured Member Quilts: August 15 Morning

Good Morning from 24 Blocks. It’s a beautiful day! We hope that you can have some time today to quilt, but even if you have a busy schedule of work or other commitments, it’s always nice to plan a new project or get ideas for a current one.

We’d like to thank all our readers who have posted wonderful photos of their quilts on our 24 Blocks Facebook page. Here are a few to get your Thursday morning going.


Gayle LaVigne posted not just a lovely quilt for a new granddaughter but she gave a wonderful narrative description of her inspiration and design process. It’s always good to know how other quilters achieve such a pleasing arrangement of color and shape. Gayle’s own words speak best:

“(I) wanted the quilt to be cheerful and bright, have some bear paw blocks in it to mirror a quilt made for her great grandmother and to contain her mother’s chosen colors for the nursery. I designed the quilt as I went along. Knowing first that I wanted the bear paws in it, I made them and pinned them to my design wall and tried some sashing and border ideas to see what would make the quilt “pop” for me. The applique hearts just hit the spot when I tried them and did my “step back and take a look” technique. I pin my idea on the wall with the rest of the quilt and if I like it, I leave it there for a day or two and look at it when I come and go out of my sewing room. That helps me decide on whether the design is a winner or whether it needs a little further tweaking. I wanted to use a prairie point border as I thought it would be both colorful and give a teething baby something to chew on.

Prairie Point borders always seem to add a special charm to children’s quilts. Gayle’s colors, too, are delightful and cheerful. Thank you, Gayle, for sharing it all with us.

We wanted everyone to see the quilting on the Postage Stamp quilt we featured yesterday. The quilt was done by L&R Designs Quilting and was made with 3584 pieces, many of which were “swaps” from around the word. There’s so many things about the quilt that make it special: the number of pieces, the fact that the process enabled contact with so many other quilters, and the quilting. The quilting design highlights each individual piece and makes a back that is very lovely itself. Thanks again, L&R, for showing us this detail.

Barbara McKenzie made this darling quilt for a friend’s baby. She adapted it from the pattern “Baby Bloomers”. (Our Google search of the pattern saw that it is by Desiree’s Designs.) Barbara writes,

“I digitized the appliques into my embroidery machine instead of doing hand applique. This was my first attempt at scalloped edges, and I found it surprisingly easy! I added the “ribbons” with the baby’s name and date of birth after she was born.

It’s a charming quilt. We love the rose scalloped border and the happy faces in the flowers!
Happy Quilting!

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