Featured Member Quilts: August 19

Good evening from 24 Blocks. Our readers have recently shared some wonderful quilts and quilting projects with our 24 Blocks quilting community on Facebook. It’s so moving to see all the differing kinds of quilts that are currently being created. Here are a few examples…

We have a particular fondness for quilting traditions in a family where the same pattern is used several times. In our own family we have a quilt that was first made around 1830 and has been duplicated in each generation ever since. Kristin Coker is doing that, but utilizing the same complex applique pattern for each of her daughters. It is the “Baltimore Album”. This is what she writes,

“Ihad posted previously my hand appliquÈ, hand quilted queen size Baltimore Album quilt which took me 22 years to complete (I had set it aside for a number of years when my kids were young). My younger daughter has claimed it so I have started a smaller, less ambitious project for my older daughter. At left is a detail from the queen size completed quilt. At right is the 1st block of the new project. I have chosen bolder colors while eliminating the peach and corals and I have added black and shades of red. The color choices suit each daughter’s personalities.

It’s nice to see the same thing duplicated with changes that reflect a differing time and differing styles in color. Kristin’s red and touches of black are more modern. The similarities are still there, but creativity always has room for updates. Thank you, Kristin, for showing us that the work of many years creates a tradition that will last for generations.

Pam Vanoverschelde just simply wrote, in her post, “This I call “Flower Garden‘”. We call it beautiful! It’s crisp and captivating. Thank you, Pam, for letting us all enjoy it.

“Nosegay” is one of those patterns that was very popular in the Depression and World War II. It was sometimes called “Old Fashioned Nosegay”, “Bride’s Bouquet”, or “The Nosegays”. The first reference we can find was the pattern’s publication in Laura’s Wheeler’s column in the Pioneer Press in July 11, 1933, and latter that year in the Cincinnati Enquirer. It was also in the Kansas City Star in 1937, and written up by Nancy Cabot in the Chicago Tribune in 1945. It is based on an 8-pointed star grid.

Butler’s Quilts and Things shared this beauty with us at 24 Blocks. She writes,Just finished my Nosegay quilt. Hand quilted. Used Marti Michelle’s templates to piece it. It is made from clothes.” Even that use of clothing fabric harkens back to the tradition of days gone by. We love it! Thank you, Butler’s, for showing us this well-done traditional beauty.

There’s just so much tradition and so much flexibility in quilting. Thanks to everyone who has posted. We learn from and inspire each other. Happy Quilting!

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