Featured Member Quilts: August 28

One of the nice things about having a quilting community on social media is that we can enjoy each other’s work “in progress” as well as finished. This beautiful appliqued top was done by Debbie McCoy. She writes that the poppies are stuffed and that it will be hand quilted. It’s already stunning; we can only imagine how amazing it will be when it’s done! Thanks so much, Debbie, for your post on 24 Blocks.

One of the things that’s always moving is when we get to read of a top , or just blocks, of a vintage quilt that has been purchased at a sale or shop and finished by one of our readers. Kathy Watson has done that with this Bow Tie. It had been hand pieced. She found the top at an antique store and finished it yesterday. We loved her comment, “Someone’s grandmother pieced this years ago“. Finishing the work started in days long gone makes you imagine a story that could go with it. Why was it unfinished? How did it end up in an antique store? Kathy’s care seems to bring a good “new beginning” to an old work. Bravo!

Sabrina Kruger writes, “Hereis a graduation quilt I made for my cousin. It was a blast to make! Thepattern is out of Dare To Be Square. Also, photo-bomb chicken!

What? A chicken? Ok, we love the quilt and its intricate layout. We love the blue and gold. We love how the quilt shows how fascinating squares can be. But a chicken? Then she appeared. Sabrina explained that the chicken in question is Hyacinth, age 2 1/2. Sabrina has 3 chickens, all named for characters in the British comedy “Keeping Up Appearances.” We understand now. 🙂

Thanks to Sabrina, Kathy and Debbie for sharing your work with our quilting community at 24 Blocks! Hyacinth, too.

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