Featured Member Quilts: August 29 Morning

Here at 24 Blocks we love to feature photos of quilts made by our readers. Today we’re showcasing some baby quilts. We hopethese pictures will inspire!

We’d love to see a photo of your work on the 24 Blocks Facebook page, too. We select a few quilts each day to feature. Our readers always like knowing about the pattern name and source (if you used a pattern), your inspiration, how you selected fabrics and colors, any important construction features and interesting stories that go with the quilt. We like, too, hearing about quilts that are going for charity, that have special meaning or were created for a special occasion, and those antique or vintage quilts treasured for generations.

Quilting is always about a story. We like sharing those.

I made quilts for my twin granddaughters 3 years ago when they were born. They are original, except the animals were copied from their nursery border (bought at WalMart). I filled the quilt in with small squares. Some of the squares were specific to special people in their lives. The girls are directed to look at their new books and to find thecorresponding block that represents those people.” — Polly Webster

We love Polly’s idea! Documenting the quilts we make is always important. Polly has created books for her granddaughters that help them learn about the relationship between certain squares of fabric and important people that fabric represents. It’s something that will not only help them learn about their own history, but a form of documentation that will last for generations. Those of us who have quilts that we know were made from family clothing would just love knowing that certain pieces came from certain ancestors who wore it to a certain event. That knowledge and those stories help form a differing kind of fabric.

“Quilt I made for my new granddaughter, Sadie Jo. Pinwheels from P.S. I Love You Two.” — Deb Pfenning

P.S. I Love You Two is a book by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith with quilting projects to make for babies and other little ones.

“Thisis a baby quilt I made for one of my husband’s former student’s new baby girl, which we are still waiting for. It is the 3rd of 4 I have made since May! One more to go!” — Pat Sisler

Bravo to Pat, Deb and Polly for clearly stitching love, pride and caring into their creations. We’d like to thank them, and everyone who posts to 24 Blocks, for sharing their work with our quilting community.

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