Featured Member Quilts: August 5

Quilts always tell stories. Here are three recently posted by our readers. The stories are in their own words. It’s about friendship and completion.

“Myfriend, Noreen, would have been 72 today. We used to do everything together, including making quilts. In her memory, many of her unfinished quilts have been finished and given to some of her friends. This is one that I finished. It is my favorite. As I worked on this quilt, I felt as if I were working on a project full of Noreenís fighting spirit. It has been given to one of our mutual quilting friendswho has recently been diagnosed with a different form of cancer. May this quilt comfort her.” — Mary Ellen Chatigny

(Note: This very beautiful quilt photo was posted yesterday. It has already been very popular with our readers, clearly moving many who also knew Mary Ellen’s friend, Noreen. One praised her fighting spirit and another the bond of friendship of classmates. Thanks, Mary Ellen, for sharing it with us all.)


“Ijust finished piecing this quilt for a friend who is visually impaired.She wanted a quilt with bright colors. I am loving making On Point quilts lately.” — Cindy Vogel

“Ifinally finished my 3 generation quilt. My Grandma made most of the squares in the early 80s and then my Mom worked on them as well. This was my first attempt at completing a full size quilt using their squares. I also made a pillow with the one extra square.” — Amy Bennett

Thanks to everyone who has shared their quilts and their stories with us all at 24 Blocks. We all try to keep the stories and the traditions going.

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