Featured Member Quilts: August 6

Mary Nahhas‘s quilt “Cranes” was “in-progress” for five years. We all know that sometimes the most beautiful works take time; sometimes we need to leave them for a while until inspiration takes a new direction. Mary’s work is beautiful. It mixes a soft urban feel in the center with a border that seems to grow out of the forest or woodland. The cranes, in fantastic black, are like messengers. It’s a joy to see!

Susie Butcher has recently posted some very beautiful quilts that have been a delight to see. This one is her “Pineapple Log Cabin”. She made it for her husband who has now passed away. We’re very proud to display it here. And to have Susie’s quality control assistant in the photo, too!


Samira Fitts made this quilt, called “Praise and Promises”, for a friend. She also added very beautiful embroidery to it. She writes,

Onthe last square I had my friend select her favorite Scripture and I embroidered it. I also added with embroidery a lovely little girl, SOPHIA, who is their beloved grandchild. My friend does love the quilt and treasures it.”

Combining embroidery and quilting is an age-old tradition. It is a treasure.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their quilting projects with our community at 24 Blocks! Keep on Stitching!

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