Featured Member Quilts: Autumn Seems to Surprize

Have you ever wondered why it is that autumn seems to come with a bit of a shock? Many of us remember as children how summer seemed to go on forever. Now the approach of autumn seems like one of those strange harbingers of an irreversable mystery. There’s the delight of children and grandchildren starting school, of Friday night lights, of cool nights, of football and bonfires and fall color. Many of us love pumpkins and Halloween. Yet it’s the sign of another year ending. There’s always that time between the acceptance of endings and the realization that something new is around the corner. Maybe that why the autumn colors we use in our fall-inspired quilts are always so engaging.

Here are a few quilts recently posted by our readers. They are perfect for fall…and for sharing with our friends who enjoy the autumn, too.

“Imade this quilt for The Community Mediation Center for their annual Fundraiser. This quilt will be raffled off later this year.” — Quilted by Vicki

This is a close up of Vicki’s quilting. The design is of scattered leaves…perfect for fall.


“Wallhanging called Indian Summer ( shower of Autumn Leaves). This is appliqued and I hand quilted it. 48″ x 67”. I will be hanging this up soon for the fall season.” — Darlene Burns

Donna Kolojeski‘s post says it all. There’s a beautiful quilt and two beautiful quilters. Donna writes,
“This is Marjorie with one of her Halloween Quilted Wall-Hangings…she loves Halloween.” We do, too! Notice Marjorie’s green witch flying happily over a town in the moonlight. Her red shoes are such an interesting detail. Is she Elphaba from “Wicked” with the Ruby Slippers? But what is always magic is the fun of creating something whimsical, and the friendships we develop through our art.

That’s the real magic of autumn.

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