Featured Member Quilts: Cabins

It’s always interesting to see how quilters interpret some of the basic layouts for cabins and houses and maybe even a vintage garage. Using shapes to create homes in the center of quilts or wall-hangings has a long tradition. More recently quilts have enlarged on classic designs with more imagination and freedom. Here are a few that have recently been shared by our readers. They all have different purposes and use differing techniques. We hope they inspire.

Let’s say “bravo” to the work shown here by Debbie, Frances, Lynn and Evelyn!

from: Debbie Mac Donald Stockman: “Loved making this clothes line quilt and finally got it hung today.”

from: Frances Sienkiewicz: “My “Rusty Road Relics” made for my husband!”

from: Lynn Wood: “Cooper’s Quilt”

from: Evelyn Wickham: “I called this “My Cabin.” It’s hand quilted; it got a 2nd place at the CA State Fair last year.”

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