Featured Member Quilts: Classy Neutrals

Good evening from 24 Blocks! Tonight we’d like to show some quilts that use more of a neutral palette. All were made by our community members. Quilts that use neutrals are often preferred for urban decors or ones where there’s a bit of minimalism. Sometimes just using neutrals or softer shades allows the pattern or quilting to stand out. Sometimes it’s just that “less is more”. We hope you enjoy these and are inspired by them.

from: Andrea Rock: “I took a class with my Mom and our quilting group to learn the One Block Wonder technique at our favorite quilt shop in May 2009… We fell in love with the instructor, Karen Moore, and began taking just about all of her classes. In July 2011, Karen died suddenly and this quilt project went on hold. It reminded me of her so much, I couldn’t work on it without crying. While talking to the owner of the shop early in 2013, we found out that they were planning a memorial display to honor Karen. She asked if we could bring in some of our finished projects from the classes we took. I was finally ready to finish this quilt! The top was completed in June of 2013, four years after we took the class…”

We’d like to thank Andrea for sharing this wonderful quilt and its story with us. Quilts almost always carry memories of friends and family. Honoring a beloved teacher by showing how we used what she taught, and kept on going and growing, is a wonderful tribute. We all know that sometimes finishing projects that remind us of someone who has passed on or who no longer in our life due to other circumstances…all these things can be hard. Andrea’s finishing the quilt and sharing it with us gives us all a change to reflect on the contributions of teachers and mentors. Thank you, Andrea.

from: Martha Plante: “Kaleidoscope Peacock. Hard to take a picture outside these days, but Super Man lent a nail, a clamp and a magnet and the side of the shop . . . . The closeup picture shows the color better.”

from: Linda Deis: “A queen-sized, paper-pieced pineapple in citrus colors is definitely in my future, but as I had never done one, I started with a pillow using some scraps. Each block finished 5-1/2”. Did a lot of “reverse sewing” when I got to the quilting as it was very easy to make my turn on the wrong line. The template was one I found online and reduced to the size I wanted using my printer. I’m even thinking I may use these small blocks for the queen quilt. More work, but………..”

from: Libby Hobbs: “I recently used Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star Petite Star Template and instructions to make this LA Lakers Themed quilt. It is my first quilt that I have quilted on my HandiQuilter 16 Long arm quilting machine. I used a pattern from the Pro Stitcher and did an edge to edge quilting pattern. The pattern was a half clam shell with a scallop but it looked like a basketball dribble.”

Libby’s quilt is very beautiful! It’s the most intricate of the sports-fan quilts we’ve ever seen! Great job!

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work with all of us at 24 Blocks!

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