Featured Member Quilts: December 16

Good Morning again from 24 Blocks. We hope you enjoy these quilts we’ve selected to feature. All were recently posted by our readers. They are all different in style and we hope they inspire.

from: Susan Hull: “This quilt is in “Thoroughly Modern Dresden” by Anelie Belden. I used 27 different fabrics and my husband loves it. It will be in the Manteca Quilters show this coming March.”

Susan’s work is just outstanding and very striking. Her use of color has the feel of vintage photographs. She also writes,

“It did take some organization. Obviously I started with the center square and then began to build out from there. Lots of quart sized bags, marked, to hold the fabrics. Did one quarter at a time then stood back to really look at it. The large brown border has a swirl in it that looks like dark chocolate frosting. Still needs the binding and sleeve but that will have to wait till after the holidays.”

from: Katy Prochaska: “A quilt featuring animals and birds from Oregon and California.”

Katy adds that the birds and animals are all embroidered. She made it for a friend who loves the natural beauty of both California and Oregon.

from: Martha Hudson Knoll: “I loved the musical quilt posted a few posts below, this is a quilt I made for a friends niece, she wanted a carousel horse and the music. this is what I created, except, silly me, I forgot the brass pole :0”

We love the creativity of Martha’s work. She also writes that all the embellishments on the horse are stitched with satin stitches. Notice the horse’s tail, too…so colorful.

from: Kolleen Miller-Rosser: “I began to make this quilt in 2009 as I was undertaking my Phd, as my professors, both quilters! said I needed a n outlet. It has sat finished in my cupboard for a few years, and this was my year of finishing my ‘UFOs’ and this was the last one. It is called A Gardener’s Journal, by Anni Downs. I have hand embroidered all the garden scenes. The pattern, I believe can be obtained from www.hatchedandpatched.com.au”

Those of us who’ve worked on PhD’s, or had friends or family who have done so, know how demanding and all-consuming they can be. Kolleen may be setting a new trend here for a creative side-interest for those captured in the expectations of seminars and dissertations. The intricacies showing aspects of a hobby like gardening are amusing as sell as insightful!

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work and their love of quilting with our 24 Blocks community. We hope that we can help keep a proud tradition alive and vibrant and encourage more people to try their hand at fabric art.

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