Featured Member Quilts: December 17

Tonight we’re featuring four quilts, all posted by our readers, that have drama or show movement in captivating colors. They’re not content to remain in place; they want to travel, to take us to different places. We’d like to say “thank you” to their creators for sharing them with us. We hope, especially if you have “cabin fever” from the cold and snow, that they inspire your imagination.

from: Betty Mcdonald: “Log Cabin Quilts my daughter made for Christmas gifts.”

from: Deborah Shattuck Hendrickson: “A “Checkers and Rails” quilt, done in a baby/lap size.”

from Alexa Swiniarski who writes that it is not finished yet. She still has to add the border, which will be in black. It is a king-sized quilt, too! It’s been popular with our readers, many of whom say it looks like mosaics or stained glass. We’d like to add “magic carpet quilt”!

from: Michael-Joyce Simmons: “I made this for my husband, whose favorite color is orange. I bought 22 fabrics, but since I didn’t have a pattern I have enough left to make a quilt of a different pattern for me.”

Thanks to everyone who “boldly goes” where few quilters have tread! Are maybe oranges and peaches and golds magic colors?

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