Featured Member Quilts: December 18

Every day we like to pick out a few quilts that have been shared with us at the 24 Blocks Facebook page and feature those for everyone to enjoy. Tonight we’re showing off a few that are colorful and show very different approaches to quilting…from re-creating a vintage look to intricate fabric art. We hope you enjoy them.

from: Ken Wheeler: “Just completed my second quilt topTrying to decide if want to border it? Square it? Then back and bind it. Any suggestions?”

“Tumbling Blocks” is a very old quilt pattern and it’s amazing that Ken has done one on just his second quilt. A few days ago he added another photo showing the backing he selected. It’s a classic colonial looking check. Both it and the quilt top go nicely into what we can of his home’s decor.

from: Shirley Switzer Hendricks: “My yo yo quilt is made of 2 1/2 circles of fabric. Turn a narrow hem under, sew a running stitch around and pull up tight. Be sure to make good knots as a lot of weight of quilt. There is no backing to this quilt. Put it over your favorite color sheet or spread.”

It’s nice to see yo-yo’s designed like this in a block form. Yellow just always seems to brighten up most quilts! Love Shirley’s dolls, too…and the antique china cabinet!

from: Nancy Vincent: “pop garden/work in progress”

Just love this! It’s so modern and bright.

from: Amy Hans: “My new obsession! Art quilts. The size doesn’t hurt my arms! And are they fun to do! Like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Yes…those are a zillion hand cut stones! This was based on a pic I found of an English cottage!”

Amy’s work is always a joy to see on 24 Blocks. Notice all the separate pieces that went into it! It is a clear work of art!

Thanks to everyone who shares their love of quilting. We all help to preserve old traditions and forge new ones.

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