Featured Member Quilts: December 19 Morning

We’ve been fascinated recently by some of the quilts, as posted by our readers, that have used black or a very dark color to make the rest of the work “pop”. The secret may be in using some other colors in the work that are clear and bright. Here are three we’ve selected to highlight this morning.

from: Linda Deis: “My guild’s president’s challenge this past year was to incorporate a rainbow in plain sight. In actuality my rainbow is the center circle. BTW I called this, “There Will Be No More Talk About Yoyos”.”

If you look really closely at Linda’s stunning work, you can see her rainbow yo-yo right in the middle. The design and layout of this masterpiece is just joyous. Notice, too, that the yo-yo’s change in size to make the tendrils or light waves fit and seem to move. It’s one of the most stunning works we’ve seen!

from: LaMona Northey Ellis: “wall quilt represents Idaho”

LaMona’s bright blue bird, the sparkles along the brooks and the bright green provide the contrast that is needed against the black. This is so very creative and so very well done–almost Victorian in its feel. Notice, too, the stars in the sky!

from: Heidi Parr: “This is a flannel quilt I made for my son. The Scout oath, Cub Scout motto, Boy Scout motto, his name and troop number were all machine embroidered. The pictures are from the paintings Norman Rockwell did for the Scout hand books.”

This is just a wonderful tribute to Scouting and we’d like to send our best to Heidi’s son’s troop. The bright spring green gives the “pop” to so many colors of the natural earth that are represented here. Nine patches on point are just always interesting. The embroidered mottos in gold give it an elegance while the flannel makes it practical. We know it will be loved for generations.

Thanks to everyone who follows 24 Blocks and to all those who have shared their photos, “likes”, comments. We all do form a quilting community thanks to social media.

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