Featured Member Quilts: December 2

Good Morning from 24 Blocks! To help get your Monday off to a good and energetic start, we’ve selected four quilts that seem lively, that seem to confidently say “We’re going someplace!” Two of them were, or will be, donated for fundraisers. We hope you enjoy seeing them and that they may inspire more of us to go forth and quilt boldly!

from Pamela Wynfield: “‘Midnight Garden’ is a quilt I just finished for my sister. I used a Kaffe Fassett fabric collection. The waterfall technique is one taught by Eleanor Burns. I designed the layout, pieced and quilted it.

from Emily Jacobs: “I saved scraps and made this quilt a little at a time, it took me seven years… I gave it to our church for a raffle last year. I might make another one because I really liked it too.

from Karen Carney: “I needed a challenge to occupy my time and I needed a donation for an upcoming youth auction. While I love this, I probably won’t make this one again because of the difficulty of “squaring” the end product as it wasn’t sewn on the square but a diagonal.

from: Dorothy Nemiccolo Potter: “I just completed this quilt which was five years in the making! I used my scraps and call it “Ying Floral.” It was a challenge as there are no strait seams in the entire quilt. My sister machine quilted it and it is finally done, Yah!!!!!”

Thanks to everyone who has shared their beautiful quilts with our quilting community at 24 Blocks!

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