Featured Member Quilts: December 5

Hello again from 24 Blocks. We know that a good part of the United States is now either in a winter storm or getting ready for one. It’s a good time to think of the warmth that quilts bring, especially ones that inspire us, or seem to draw our attention. Tonight we’d like to feature three that are entrancing. They have all been very popular with our readers. We hope you enjoy them.

from: Mary Ann Witcher: “Hope it’s ok to post a picture of a bargello quilt that my husband made on this site.”

We love, of course, seeing quilts made by spouses! Mary Ann, please give him our regards and great praise. He is an artist. We especially like how he created the border and added the checkerboards at the corners.

Mary Ann added that her husband especially enjoys the quilts he designs himself. We agree with our readers who have expressed, over and over “This is a work of art!”

Bargello, of course, goes back to the beautiful needlepoint laid out in mathematic patterns. The concept dates all the way back to at least the 17th century, perhaps beginning in Florence, Italy. It was sometimes called “Flame work” or “Flame stitch”. It is now a captivating form for quilting, with its own techniques. There are books on bargello and the technique is sometimes taught at retreats and shows. The works produced have all the appeal of the classics. They are timeless.

from: Dottye Bregman: “A photo of my ‘Charming Spool’s quilt. I pieced it and finished hand quilting it several years ago. Each center square of each ‘spool’ is of a different fabric, making it a ‘charm quilt’.”

All of us who find fabric and spools of thread so…well…irresistable love this design. Based on the ever-versatile “Log Cabin”…more like a simplified “Center Hall”…it has a modern energy when using so many colorful fabrics. The fairly small blocks separted with sashing does make it look like spools in a cabinet. It is charming in many ways!

from Alexa Swiniarski: “Here’s another quilt I made and made-up as I went along. It was for my sister. She loves it!”

Alexa’s quilt has been very popular with our readers and she very graciously expressed her appreciation. She also wrote, in response to a specific question about the border: “I think this was only about my 5th quilt ever. I was experimenting with paper piecing for those Maltese Crosses…I wish I still had the pattern. I believe I found it online when I googled paper piece patterns and printed it off on my printer. I don’t think anyone can really see that I have red buttons in the center of the wheels – and the buttons are scored with a little bird on them…. Thank you for all the compliments. I love, love, love to quilt! But I never took a course! I started in 2009 and am on my 21st quilt – – – having learned ALL on Youtube videos and trial and error!

In the old days, quilters learned the traditional techniques person-to-person, often from an older family member. Today we have YouTube, quilting groups & guilds, TV shows, retreats, the internet and our own courage. We learn and we just keep innovating! Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of quilting!

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