Featured Member Quilts: December 8

Good Sunday afternoon from 24 Blocks. We hope that everyone is staying safe and warm during this winter weather. Today we’d like to share three amazinging beautiful works of quilted art. We’d like to thank everyone who has shared their work with 24 Blocks. We do inspire and encourage others.

from Kristie Layne: “Here is a quilt that I called, Dakota Log Cabin. It measures 96×96. I made this a few years ago to hang on the balcony wall in our new house. My youngest son fell in love with it and his first name is Dakota, so I named it after him. I love log cabin blocks and I think I could make them all day long. It is mostly made with Civil War Reproduction fabrics.”

from: Marilyn Pollock Johnston: “This is a quilt I made over the summer for my daughter. It is my version of dragonflies in flight. Hardest quilt I have attempted so far. Each block has over 20 pieces.”

We’d like to encourage everyone to look closely at Marilyn’s quilt to see the small pieces making up each dragonfly and the small pinwheels and square blocks at the corners of the larger blocks. It really is stunning.

from: Georgia Terp Sadler: “This is 3 Tours from Fons and Porter Magazine. Saw it on TV and loved the pattern which is really not my thing to do a pattern.”

We all can honor those who do 3 Tours, both those in the various branches of service and those who serve at home. “3 Tours” has many meanings and we honor the service, and the artistry that goes into a quilt remembering that. Thank you, Georgia, for sharing it with us. Love your antique jugs and crocks, too!

Stay safe and warm this winter Sunday. Quilts can help with that.

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