Featured Member Quilts: February 1st


This is one of the most magnetic and confident Log Cabin’s we’ve ever seen! Thank you so much, Suzanne Gibson, for sharing it with our 24 Blocks Facebook community. The colors are so bright. The stars shine. Suzanne made it recently for her son and it is all hand-quilted. It’s a happy quilt.

Dorothy Potter created this cool and calm quilt by first making paper snowflakes, tracing them for original patterns to applique. As her sister commented on our Facebook page, her “machine stitching gave fantasy movement to it!” We love it. Thank you, Dorothy for sharing it with us and your sister for adding comment.

We love the modern adaptation of a traditional winter theme in this wall hanging by Mary LeClerc. Mary writes that it is “‘Snow Scene’, started in a workshop by Cynthia England using her unique paper piecing method.” It is so crisp and yet the flow of the stitching looks like drifted snow. Thanks, Mary for sharing it with us.

Garden walk

Gail Zamarron would like the opinion of our readers on whether this vintage 62 year old top should be hand or machine quilted. It was pieced by hand. This is a version of a classic pattern, sometimes known as Grandmother’s Flower Garden or The Garden Walk. It’s in excellent condition having been kept in a pillowcase for all this time. So, what do you think? Hand or machine quilting?

Patty Ethridge writes “I am a hand quilter and have been most of my adult life. I have a deep love for what I call “the ole fashion pieced quilts”. I have a friend that would like to know the name of this block. Do any of you know, because I don’t have a clue….”. Our readers on our 24 Blocks Facebook page have been discussing and the current trend of thought is that it is a traditional Hawaiian pattern. Does anyone know?

Thank you all for your contributions to our community! You are artists and communicate warmth in many ways.

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