Featured Member Quilts: February 2nd

Part of the historic appeal of quilting has been how it has enabled quilters not only to work together, but also to share or trade pieces, patterns, blocks, or other components of a quilt-in-progress through coming together in guilds or other groups or even by sending them via mail. This beautiful Postage Stamp quilt is an example. It’s the work of L&R Designs Quilting who writes,

“I love scrappy and here’s my favorite scrappy quilt to date! I swapped 2” charms with quilters from all over the world to make this 3,584 unique Postage Stamp quilt!”

Just imagine how many friends are represented here, how many stories these pieces of fabric could tell! Thank you, L&R, for posting it for us all to enjoy! 3,584 pieces!
Although Postage Stamp quilts like L&R Designs above have a very long history, they were especially popular in the Great Depression enabling frugal quilters to use up every inch of precious fabric. More intricate designs also became popular and today we can have combination patterns with applique like this very charming wall hanging made by Darlene Burns. It was made from a Darlene Zimmerman pattern called “Oopsie Daisy”. Darlene used all 30’s type materials, giving it that wonderful vintage feel with a modern freshness. It’s beautiful.
Many of us can remember a grandmother or great-grandmother who had a much loved Crazy Quilt draped over the back of a sofa or over a piano. Those silks and velvets and fanciful embroidery were always captivating. We at 24 Blocks always love seeing Crazy Quilts updated today. There’s so many kinds of fabrics that can be used and so many kinds of embellishments. Linda Keller’s is a wonderful example. We love what she said, “Crazy Quilts — my favorite! Created from recycled wools and a few special fabrics, these quilts hold lots of treasures and are full of embroidery, both ribbon and floss.
Quilts are always treasured. And we treasure everyone who has shared their works of art with us all. Whether it is a simple quilt or an intricate one, anything made with care and love is a work of art.

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