Featured Member Quilts: February 11

This is a closeup view of the “Diamond Ring” quilt posted on our 24 Blocks Facebook page by quilter Mary LeClerc. It is a variation of the Double Wedding Ring pattern. Mary writes that it was “hand pieced by me and hand quilted by my friend Elaine. An anniversary gift to my husband in 2007.” She also posted a photo of the entire quilt and it has a blue ribbon on it! A winner in every regard. Thanks, Mary, for sharing it with us. We love it!

Nannette Perez writes “I found the vintage squares from a thrift store, put it together, appliqued flowers and handquilted.” Isn’t it wonderful to find the work of someone else, something that could have been lost in a thrift store, and then give it bright new life? Thanks, Nannette, for sharing it with us. We all need to check the thrift stores more…

Annette Ozgowicz is also a rescuer. She shared this quilt with us, writing ” I found a box of very old quilts blocks at a garage sale for $5.00; finished the last 2 that where cut but not pc’d. I think it looks pretty good for the blocks being SO very thin and old material. I gave it to a close friend who really likes old stuff and antique things.” Annette’s friend is very lucky. It’s a wonderful gift!

Isn’t this wonderful! It’s such a great photo and a great story. Karen Land writes “These are Irish Chain “Memory” quilts I made for my nieces and my sons out of my Dad’s fishing shirts.” You just know there are so many good fish stories and good memories stitched into these quilts. Thank you, Karen, for sharing them. We’ll never look at fishing shirts quite the same way. We know they will be treasured for generations.

We found out today that what we call a”clutch ball” has several differing names and uses. Robin Pagel shared with us one of her’s. It’s lovely! She writes “Here is one of my “playpen” or pincushion balls…I have heard them called Victorian balls but this is the first time I have ever heard them called Appalachian clutch balls….the very small ones are pretty as Christmas tree ornaments…..I have been making these for 45 years…..”. Thanks, Robin, you’ve inspired us!

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