Featured Member Quilts: February 12


This quilt by Gina Darlington radiates family pride in the three handsome men pictured. They are Gina’s dad, brother and son. All are, or were, Naval Aviators. Gina writes, this is “My quilt from Thread Tails and Vapor Trails inspired me to choose Quilts of Valor as our service project this summer for Celebrate Quilts! I love this quilt: my dad, my brother, and my son are/were all Naval Aviators. So proud!” And we’re proud to feature it on 24 Blocks. Thanks, Gina, for sharing it with us. Valor.

Friendship Quilts have such a rich history. They help create memories that last for generations. Mary Grady, in her post, described the process for making this one. She writes, “Here’s my Friendship quilt. A few years ago, a number of us decided to do this. Since each person in the group must make enough squares for every member in the group, we chose a simple 6″ Rail Fence block so that beginners would be comfortable joining. Each block was signed by the maker which turned out to be something of an undertaking because there were 131 quilters in the group. We owed a special thanks to the woman who agreed to be the swap hostess because with 131 participants, that meant she received and re-sorted over 17,000 blocks. We were part of the HGTV online message board group so we were scattered all over the country, but there were 3-4 that were close enough to the hostess that they were able to drive over for the day and help with the sorting and preparing to mail.” Whoa. 131 quilters and 17,000 blocks! That’s logistical inspiration! Thanks, Mary for giving us good detail about the process you all used.

Karin Rodeheaver created this wall hanging for family in West Virginia. She “tea dyed the blocks and set them in the Log Cabin design with batik fabrics.” We think it’s amazing, a mixture of a vintage look with the idea of visions. Thanks so much, Karin, for sharing it with us.


Cher Johnson made this quilt for a friend who was battling cancer and who is now doing well. We love the use of complimentary fabric patterns in the black/white family and the red border makes it stunning. We think Coco Chanel would have approved. Thanks, Cher, for your post.

Jean Keith
Quilts provide comfort in many ways. Jean Keith has shared with us her “Comfort of the Psalms” quilt. It’s a good way to end this day. Thank you, Jean

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