Featured Member Quilts: February 19

What do you have when your husband stitches together 13,000 one-inch blocks for you over a span of years? You have Love in your own language. Quilter Karin Rodeheaver posted two photos of this quilt made for her by her husband. It’s a large quilt. This is just a close up. Karin writes, “My husband cut and pieced this postage stamp quilt for me as a gift for our 50th wedding anniversary.One inch at the time out of my discarded fabric scaps wich he collected out of my fabric TRASH very night for a long long time,and I did’t know who the quilt he was making was for. This quilt has over 13,000 one inch pieces in it.” Our Facebook community at 24 Blocks has been quite impressed! We want to thank Karin for sharing it with us. It’s good to see another person in our lives make use of the small things.

And, conversely, a gift to a husband… Cedar Creek Quilting, LLC, has shared this with our community, “This was A Valentine’s Day present for my DH who loves to fish, as you can see by it’s inspiration above it.” Don’t you love how the background does look like water at sunrise? Thanks, Cedar, for your post!

From fishes in the sea to Storm at Sea, one quilt leads to another. Susan Foley posted this modern and dramatic quilt during the recent snow storm. It does the feel of the sea. She writes, “Storm at Sea quilt top. I’ve since added the backing and the binding just needs to be sewn into place. Maybe today since I can’t go anywhere. I hate snow!” Since we, on Facebook, help each other out, she went on in a comment to give more information on the process she used. “A book I recommend is “Quilting Up A Storm” by Lydia Quigley (That Patchwork Place, 1996). She shows how to rotary cut a Storm at Sea block. There is some waste with this method but it’s easier than using templates. By manipulating color and value you can create all kinds of patterns. In the traditional Storm above you can see diamonds, circles, stars and hearts.” Thank you, Susan, for giving such a good description and for sharing with us your talent.

We know that toddlers love fishies, so a fish baby quilt in bright colors is just so happy. Laura Manson shared this one with us. She made it for a baby shower. She also, in her post, gave the link to the source, MaryQuilts.com, for her pattern. We appreciate the sharing of good information as well as inspiration. Thanks Laura!

From the fishes in the sea to the birds in the air… Karren Tinius writes, “Angry Birds pillows (16X24″) for my 7-yr old Angry Birds fanatic grandson. 🙂 This is my design/creation. It took HOURS to make the pattern, cut/place the pieces & quilt. The back has a Velcro overlap closure so the pillow doesn’t slide out. My daughter commented that my choice of background fabric makes the birds appear to be under water.” All of us who love Angry Birds smiled at this one. Bad Piggies! Thanks, Karren, for sharing it with us.

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