Featured Member Quilts: February 20 Morning

Good morning from 24 Blocks. Here are three beautiful quilts to get your morning started out just right. They all seem to glow, maybe from the light or from the traditional pattern and hand work. Sometimes “glow” comes from trying new things, too…like posting a photo to Facebook or finding a beautiful quilt top made by a loved family member.

Thanks to Tammy, Carlie and Donna for sharing your love of quilting and quilts with us all!

from Tammy Muchler: “Timeless Treasure. I made this quilt for my son Grant in 2009. He helped me pick out the fabrics and even helped quilt some of it.

Tammy’s beautiful quilt has wonderful details. Notice the small four-patches in each block making up the diagonals and what looks to be concentric circle quilting. The arrangement of color is just perfect, too! It glows. Grant has a work of art!

from Carlie Craig:Wanted to share my find! I found the quit top in my great aunt’s cedar chest wrapped carefully in paper. I sent it out for quilting (I did not want to ruin it trying!) and I am thrilled with the results. She would be so happy to see it finished and on a bed:)

The applique design is so classic and the deep gold/orange is a wonderful compliment to the red and peach. It all has an Elizabethan feel. Yes, Carlie’s great aunt would be happy!

from Donna Garron: “…I’m trying to post a photo of a quilt I made several years ago so look for a small, Lap size, Baltimore album style quilt. Of course all done by hand. I have made over a hundred quilts, large and small with more to come. I’m 78. Donna in Michigan.”

We love Donna’s quilt! The quality of the applique and quilting is close, perfect and classic. It is just very beautiful!

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