Featured Member Quilts: February 20

While 24 Blocks strongly believes in the conservation of vintage and antique quilts, sometimes they have been so worn that repair is impractial and resurrection in another form is the only alternative. Many of us who grew up in homes with lots of quilts, where they were used for everything from picnics to outdoor fort building to, yes, screens on sleeping porches, now may have one or two that really can’t be kept whole any longer. Cindy DeWilde took one of her Grandmother’s quilts that was just beyond repair and used the best sections to make teddy bears. This is one. In this way, her Grandmother’s work lives on, given a new life by Cindy’s creativity and skill. The bear has some worn spots, but so do most of us. That makes it, and us, inspiring!

Yes! Kathleen Castillo has it right! This is a bright new spin on an old favorite, the Dresden Plate. It’s a bright and happy quilt! Kathleen writes, “Machined pieced by me, machine quilted by Kathy Herder, Madera, Ca. Notice my bag matches my quilt? LOL”. She also posted, on our 24 Blocks Faeebook page, a closeup of the wonderful stitching. That’s a wonderfully nice bag, too! Thanks, Kathleen.


Sharon Ogden shared this beautiful folk art quilt with our 24 Blocks community. We all know that sometimes our best work takes years to finish. Sometimes a top may sit even for decades until the right inspiration or the freedom to finish it comes into being. Sharon started in 20 years ago, hand piecing and appliquing the top. She just recently finished it with hand quilting. It is lovely. Sometimes the best things take time.

Why is it that we never find high quality vintage quilts for $20? Lisa Myers did well with this purchase. She writes, “I bought this beauty at an antique store in Grabill, Indiana last week for $20! It is all hand-stitched!” We can now see a few hundred people looking up Grabill on Google Maps! Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your good luck with us!

This quilt is one of the most popular that’s been posted on our Facebook page. It’s by quilter Vicki Brown who writes, “Just finished this one. It was made with beautiful batik fabric. My mother-in-law used to make quilts like this out of scraps and old clothes and I just loved them.” Some of the commentors have said that it would be a good quilt for beginners and that the finished product looks more complicated than it really is. We just know that it’s striking…like a beautiful spring day seen through window panes. Thanks, Vicki, for sharing it with our community.

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