Featured Member Quilts: February 28


A first quilt is kind of like a first kiss. We don’t forget. This is a close up of the detail of Marie Gouin‘s first quilt. Yes, it is all hand done. While the soft colors and delicate patterns attract, notice her small stitches. Marie writes, “My first quilt ever! It’s all done by hand and will be hanging on the wall in my guestroom. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m quite pleased with the results. I have learned from my mistakes and will not repeat them for the next one, which I’m ready to start.” In response to all the positive comments following her post on our 24 Blocks Facebook page she described the process she used, “I cut out the design in cardboard and simply traced it with a pencil on the fabric. I used different sources of inspiration of the designs. One of the things I learned making this quilt is that you absolutely should mark the design “before” you put the three layers together! Lol.” We think it is lovely and want to thank Marie for sharing it with our quilting community. Let’s hear it for first-time quilters!


You’re going to have to look closely on this one. There are sailboats quilted into the pale blue blocks. And that’s not all in this quilt of love posted by Carol Patterson. She writes, “This is a lap quilt I designed for my husband because he loves ships and the sea. It is my first time machine quilting free motion designs such as the little boats, lighthouses and hearts to reflect the fabric and the hearts for loving me and never complaining about all my stash!” It is beautiful and special. Thank you so much, Carol, for sharing it with us.


Angela Fallas posted this quilt. Notice the cursive letters. Angela used the quilt to help teach her children cursive writing. She’d help them trace the flow of the letters with their little fingers. We love the idea! Thank you, Angela, for your post. It is unique and the story is heart-warming.


One mark of quilters is not only creativity but knowing how to conserve and re-use. (Ok, some call it frugality.) Becky Erdman‘s art quilting is fantastic, but we want to highlight today this jacket she made. Becky writes, “I had a quilt that could not be saved – so here is the coat I made and wore the last 7 years. I wil turn this into Christmas stockings this year.” We think the jacket is gorgeous and know the stockings will be, too. Thanks, again, Becky, for sharing good inspiration with us.

Kathleen castillo
Kathleen Castilo’s patio will always be bright! We agree with her “Come on Spring!”. We appreciate her post of her quilted patio table cloth for spring. Coffee in the morning out on that patio with that cheerful cloth is going to be so nice.


Ok, it’s not Caterday yet, but we couldn’t resist this quilt by Gail Zamarron and her Shea. Gail writes, “Here is my little Shea, oops not so little. She loves to get into things but does it very cautiously. She loves to sleep on this quilt when she can seek a few winks. Pattern is “Sunshine and Shade” BHG.” Now we can all go “awwww.” Thanks, Gail!

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