Featured Member Quilts: February 3

Hello again! Tonight we’d like to feature some quilts, all in differing styles and of varying complexity, that use black fabric with stunning success. All are dramatic, all are beautiful in their own way.

from: Dianne Sharman Kirby: “The Twelve Days of Christmas. Hand appliquÈd & Embroidered.”

Diane’s work is some of the most delightful we’ve seen. On the 24 Blocks Facebook page she was gracious enough to share close-ups of each of the 12 Days scenes. The “10 Lords a’Leaping”, below, shows the level of detail. It is magnificent.

from: Barbara Fiore: “Ready to quilt for a small quilt swap”

Barbara’s small fan variation is lovely. The rich black is the perfect counterpoint for the dramatic print.

from: Ann Guyatt: “To fans of ’24 Blocks’ – sharing a photo of the quilt I made for my son. 100% hand stitched – every block representing a period of his life.”

This is just a wonderful, and modern, way to do a photo quilt. The black frames it perfectly like a large paned window. The 3-D effect of the panes has the perfect colors for shading. It is a work of art that is also very personal.

Thanks to Ann, Dianne, Barbara and everyone else for sharing your work and your love of quilting with us all at 24 Blocks. We do inspire each other.

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