Featured Member Quilts in Vibrant Colors: June 22

It’s the first full day of Summer and these vibrant quilts are just perfect! We’d like to thank Gerri, Martha and Jaci for sharing them with us. As with all quilting, they cover important events and feelings…from an achy-breaky heart to a wedding to a family reunion. Love is the unifier.

from: Gerri Richards: “Achy Breaky Hearts, everyone has a broken heart sometime!”

Notice that most of the hearts are not broken! The fabric selection in Gerri’s quilt is just wonderful. The use of the border fabric as the frame on the center heart gives a great sense of unity to the whole composition.

from: Jaci Fiebig Rhyne: “Enjoyed seeing the lovely Pine Burr posted this morning. Thought you’d like to see it in black. Made for my niece as a wedding gift.”

Jaci’s work is exquisite! This form of Pine Burr is one of the more intricate. We love it on black and with the sawtooth borders. It all combines for a vibrant, yet vintage look.

from: Martha Brock: “A quilt I’m making for a family reunion on Labor Day weekend. We always have an auction to raise money for the next reunion. All I have left to do is the quilting! Lol”

This is a joyous quilt. It’s a great idea to use a quilt to raise funds for the next family reunion. It will add to the story of the quilt as it’s passed down through the generations.

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