Featured Member Quilts: January 27th

We’d like to thank all our readers who have posted photos of their work, or of vintage quilts, to 24 Blocks on Facebook. It’s the sharing and commenting that makes a social media page into a community. We inspire each other. Quilts show beauty and quilters are beautiful in so many ways.

Marie Johnson, in her post, just simply said “Just finished this quilt“. The only thing we can say is “It’s simply amazing!” Look at all the varying animals and other “critters” that have been appliqued on. There are fish, frogs, newts, turtles, a rabbit, two racoons, squirrels, dragonflies, plus that great bear looking up at the wise old owl. It’s beautiful, Marie. Thank you for letting us all enjoy it.

Lisa Giefer’s mother, Martha Plante, does beautiful quilting herself and has been wonderful both to post her own work and to comment on other posts, thus helping many other quilters. Lisa has surely inherited her Mom’s talent in color, technique and layout. She’s also a great photographer. She writes,

“My mom, Martha Plante, said I should share this here – and I always do what my mother tells me. This is a 48×48 baby quilt for a very good friend. It’s the Northwind block out of Quilts From the Quiltmakers Gift. Beautifully machine quilted by Roxanne of Cubbyhole Quilting (https:// www.cubbyholequilting.com/).”

Thank you, too, Lisa for giving good information about the pattern and it’s source. We double checked and the book is available from a number of differing sources. Your colors are very classy and the quilting goes with the Northwind theme so well.

Judy Crane shared the very special story of this quilt. It’s always important for us to record the stories and keep them alive. Judy writes,

“Sharon’s Star” was made for my brother Bob. He and the love of his life, Sharon, dated for 13 years. She found a place in the hearts of our entire family, bringing along her Jewish faith and her Halloween Birthday. Halloween was the highlight of the year for Sharon; she decorated the entire house, inside and out, and dressed in her witch’s hat to hand out $1 chocolate bars on the much anticipated night. Diagnosed with a very rare form of “slow moving” liver cancer, they married and danced to “At Last” on their wedding night. We lost Sharon 10 months later. This quilt was made in memory and celebration of Sharon’s life, given to be used in comfort. But brother Bob has made other plans and intends to hang it on a wall in his home.

Judy also posted a closeup of one of the stars, the one with the most gold/orange in it. It uses fabric with cute Halloween things such as a cat, candy corn, etc.

Thank you, Judy, for letting us all share in “Sharon’s Star”.

Susie Butcher only said, when she posted her vibrant wall-hanging, “This was so much fun to make“. We know it must be very beautiful to see up close, too. There looks to be some surprising elements in it. Susie did also say it was all paper-pieced which she loves doing. Those points look sharp and perfect. It can easily rival modern works of art in many museums!

Thanks to everyone who has posted on 24 Blocks. Here’s hoping, too, that everyone has time to quilt this weekend!

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