Featured Member Quilts: January 29th

We’ve had many exquisite quilts recently shared with our quilting community at 24 Blocks on Facebook. We love to just pick out a representative sample to feature. They range from stunning to awe-inspiring to just giving warm feelings of joy and memory. We hope it encourages more people to try out quilting, to keep an old tradition going and trying new ways of turning fabric into personal works of art and warmth for families and friends.

Here are a few from our readers. We hope they inspire.

This Log Cabin variation was shared with us by David Hahn who writes,

“One of my very favorite constructions. I think this arrangement is one of Judy Martin’s. With the exception of some background and some of the border this was all scraps from previous constructions and donations from friends. LOL don’t ya luv friends who save you scraps?

Judy Martin, of course, is the author of Judy Martin’s Log Cabin Quilt Book, published in 2007, as well as other books on quilting. She also has a very good website at judymartin.com. David’s quilt has that wonderful combination of shades of primary colors with white in a way that looks dynamic. Thanks, David, for your post. And, yes, friends who share scraps are everyone’s favorites!

Jennifer Henry is always creative and it is a joy to see her creations. She writes, about this engaging quilt…

I designed, pieced and quilted this one for my brother and sister-in-law. Most of the fabrics had a special meaning either for our childhood or their family as they have grown. He told me I could use whatever I wanted even flowers just not a lot of light colors!

Love it! Thanks, Jenny, for letting us see it. It’s always nice to see works that have been designed by the quilter and that use fabrics that have meaning.

This small quilt, made by Barbara Gibson, is really very appealing. It’s that combination of soft colors in the blocks, the large spaces of white, the quilting pattern that emphasizes the blocks in a stairstep fashion and, most importantly, the border in a bright gold (like a gold leaf frame) banded between a blue that is opposite on the color wheel. Barbara writes that the quilt is from a Missouri Star Quilts tutorial called “Tumbling Charms”. Thanks, Barbara, for your post on 24 Blocks!

We wish everyone Happy Quilting!

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