Featured Member Quilts: January 31st

Sometimes it just really helps to look at pretty and well-done quilts. Here are a few, selected from our readers’ posts. The descriptions are in their own words….

“I believe we can all DO anything if we cut & sew accurately! “Down by the Pond” had to be done – frogs & turtles, you know. The button eyes on the frogs are from buttons my Aunt Stella gave me from the days when she worked in the button factor in Scranton, PA.Martha Plante

Here’s one more for you, just for fun. I made this New York Beauty with Cherrywood fabrics, using the Karen K. Stone book/pattern. The name of this quilt is “Color Theory 1: Color Doesn’t Matter”. I chose the colors for each block solely based on contrast and not ‘matchiness’ (if you could see the up close you’d say, “What was she thinking??!!”). Each block took between an hour and an hour and a half to make.Deborah Lancaster

“Here is my latest applique and hand embroidery project.” — Wandie Williams

“I made this quilt using gradation batiks and the pattern Diamond Magic.” — Janet Shannon

“I call this one Hippy Strippy! Love the way it turned out!” and It makes me happy and that’s the main requirement for a quilt that I make…lol.” — Audrey Dwyer

Thanks to all of you who have shared your art and inspiration with our quilting community.

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