Featured Member Quilts: January 13

20130113 Lorraine Hunt
Lorraine Hunt shared this Memory Quilt with our 24 Blocks Facebook community. She made it for her granddaughter’s third birthday. She also taught this pattern and technique at a local fabric shop. She writes: “My ladies were so creative and I was really proud of them. One of them went on to make about 5 of them for her granddaughters. It was really amazing…everyone was different.” Memory quilts from baby and childhood clothing are so popular and carry so much love. Thank you, Lorriane for your post. Now we all have to do this, too!

20130113 Nancy Vincent
Nancy Vincent used paper piecing with batik fabrics for this spectacular wall hanging. When asked by another reader if she used paper piecing because of all the points, she said that she loves the challenge and that “making it with batiks makes it sparkle.” We like the fabric to the right, too! Thanks so much, Nancy, for sharing your art with us!

Everyone has their “thing”. For some of us it’s design or fabric or patterns or projects we never quite finish. For us at 24 Blocks it’s antique sewing machines, the kinds our grandparent’s had, the kind we learned to sew on, the kinds that may still work. So, we could not resist featuring this 1911 White posted by Faye Bushey. We like its setting, too! Thanks, Faye!

20130113 Marcella Brown
Marcella Brown posted “I am working on creating a stained glass window from my church – as a quilt! I love 1/4″ black fusible bias tape! So far I’ve used 55 yards and just ordered 33 more. I love this project.” Our readers have enjoyed it and we like the creativity. Thanks, Marcella, for sharing with our Facebook community.

20130113 Bruce Totty
We like this simple vibrancy of this quilt with its black border and the quilting lines (notice them up close). Thanks so much, Bruce Totty, for sharing it with us!

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