Featured Member Quilts: January 14

Quilter Diana McEachran made this quilt for her grand-niece using material from her baby and toddler clothes. Diana writes: “This was quite challenging since there were so many colors and fabrics but I enjoyed the challenge. Bibs to dresses, jeans, sleepers, onesies, etc.”. Members of our 24 Blocks community on Facebook have really “liked” this quilt. We like how you created a pleasing layout with the color. Thanks for sharing it with us.

20130114 Clarissa
Carissa Daly writes, in her post on our 24 Blocks Facebook page: “My Aunt Robbie loved lace & would put lace on all the dresses she made & even the ones she bought. After she passed away at the age of 94, her son gave me her dresses. I took the ones she had made herself, took them apart at the seams, & re-made them into smaller dresses, preserving as much of her work as I could, & then sewed them on to blocks to make into a quilt.” There is so much work in this tribute, both the work by Carissa’s aunt and in her own remaking of the dresses. Thank you so much, Carissa, for inspiring us and in sharing these memories.

20130114 Kathy

Kathy Bilotto started this adaptation based on pineapple blocks when her daughter was born. Most all of us have projects that take a long time to finish. With this one, the beauty and drama grew in the 20 years she had the project “in-process”. Thank you, Kathy.

20130114 Wandie

Oh, we thought this was a mirror! Thanks, Wandie Williams. Yes, quilters understand!

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