Featured Member Quilts: January 16

20130116 Mimi
It’s cold where we live, but we can look forward to spring by thinking about making something like this wonderful flower basket quilt posted by Mimi Mo. Notice that each basket has a differing type of flower. The white (or is it light grey?) background gives it a bit of a Scandinavian feel. Thanks, Mimi, for sharing it with our 24 Blocks quilting community on Facebook.

20130116 Pam
But since it is winter, we are concerned about warmth. Earlier today we asked our readers what kind of batting and backing they used on quilts they wanted to use for cold weather. Pam Tucker posted this one. She writes, “I made this string quilt from scraps of batiks given to me, machine quilted with 80/20 cotton batting and maroon flannel backing, it is so heavy but I keep it on my bed year round because even in summer it is just right for cover.” Thanks, Pam. That flannel backing sounds good right now in our freezing rain.

20130116 Vicki
While we may crop a few extraneous objects out of quilt photos posted by our Facebook community members, we’ll hardly ever crop out a cat. As one reader said, cats and quilts seem to go together! Vicki Ryan shared this quilt with us. She writes, “This is a mystery quilt. I loved the materials I chose. Batiks are a favorite of mine. A mystery quilt is really fun. I did the longarm quilting and entered it in the local county fair. It got a blue ribbon.” Congratulations, Vicki, on the ribbon. We love your art. Thank you for posting.

20130116 Pat
Pat Spencer made this quilt for her grandson a few years ago. Notice the kerchief type fabrics and the heart on the foals’s head. It is a tender design. Thanks, Pat, for sharing it with us.

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