Featured Member Quilts: January 18

Kirsten Billingsley posted a quilt and throw, in coordinating colors, she is making for her daughter. We love the colors! Kirsten writes, “The quilt is queen sized, stitched in the ditch, entitled “Any Way the Wind Blows”. The throw was inspired by Twizzlers Rainbow Licorice and quilted with her name (laser from her signature) and nick names free hand with a long arm.” As most of you know, “stitching in the ditch” is a quilting term, not where we are when we’re quilting! Hopefully! Thanks, Kirsten, for sharing it with our 24 Blocks Facebook community! They are lovely designs. We appreciate, too, your good description of the techniques used.

Peg Yates has ventured where we have feared to tread. She made baby shoes to go with the baby quilt she made. She writes about the baby quilt, “I made one using all batiks, in a simplified log cabin. You can see it under this pair of baby shoes that I made to match, with pieced log cabin blocks on the top. First baby things I’d made in quite a while, and first ever for a girl. I don’t think I would ever tackle a pair of those shoes again!” Peg, you’ve inspired us to tackle shoes! Bravo!

From babies to grown-ups, we all need happy feet. Don’t you just love these slippers by Debi Hart? There’s no way you can avoid smiling in the morning with these next to the bed. Thanks for sharing them with us, Debi!


Have you made a tote yet? Darla Buhler‘s use of verdant colors for the bag with a calming light lavendar (or is it grey?) handle is such a pleasing contrast. Thanks so much, Darla, for your very good photo of your work. The sun makes it come alive.

Since most quilts were originally meant for warmth, and since it is winter now, we’ve been wondering how everyone adapts modern fabrics to use in creating warm quilts. Dawn Dunigan has done that, creating a large practical quilt that combines warmth, size and good looks. Dawn writes,”While awaiting the birth of my first grandchild last winter, and then taking care of them, I made this queen sized quilt for my daughter and son-in-law. The front and back are flannel, and I used a 10 oz. loft poly batting. To say it was heavy is an understatement! And, I quilted it(not neatly, I’ll point out) on a regular sewing machine. Ah, the noises of frustration that came out of me! My wonderful daughter just kept saying, It’s ok. I don’t care about straight lines. Largest quilt I’ve made so far, and the first in flannel. It’ll be warm!”. Thanks, Dawn!

Thank you all for sharing your quilts with our 24 Blocks Facebook community.

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