Featured Member Quilts: January 20 Morning

Good Morning from 24 Blocks! This morning we’d like to feature four quilts that all seem to glow plus some advice from one of our community members. We hope that it all helps get your morning off to a glowing start, too!

from: Pat Rahn: “I made this quilt to use in the room my granddaughters sleep in when they come to stay. This is my first bright colored quilt but I love it because it makes me think of them every time I go by the room.”

from: Rebecca Banta Mickelsen: “I am new to quilting, and am trying to teach myself as I have no local fellow quilter friends to mentor me, so here is my second quilt as I mounted it to start my hand quilting….a full size princess quilt I finished for my granddaughter for Christmas! This pattern was definitely above my skill level! 🙂 steep learning curve!”

from: Mary England: “Just finished putting in the last stitch on this colorful block of the month club quilt”

from: Barbara Gibson: “I’m concerned about those of you making comments who don’t seem to think you can do this…..you don’t have a fancy machine, you don’t have “talent”…..whatever it is you think you lack. I can’t say it strong enough…go to Leah Day’s blog and let her teach you. She has such a gentle way of letting you know that you CAN do it. This is a pic of my practice blocks as I chose to make my way through some of her tutorials. There is absolutely NOTHING professional about it, but I always get compliments on it. I love her tutorial for putting quilt as you go blocks together – have used it many times. “Try it, you’ll like it!””

Of course we love Barbara’s encouragement and advice! Besides, experimenting with small blocks of fabric is one of life’s safest forms of artistic experimentation! Nothing bad can happen. Even if the block comes out looking really strange it can always be potholder…or you can declare it avant garde and yourself as the cutting-edge designer of a new technique. Be bold!

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of quilting with our community at 24 Blocks.

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