Featured Member Quilts: January 20

Tonight we’d like to feature two quilts that were posted by Marcella Brown on our 24 Blocks Facebook page.

Both are remarkable and carry forth the art of a friend of Marcella’s, Beatrice Shearer Leapley, who died in 1963. As we all know, quilts carry memories as well as art. These are richly colored, in rich fabrics.

Thank you for sharing them with us!

Marcella 2
Isn’t this remarkable? Marcella Brown writes, “This art quilt is made with vintage blocks with an embroidered thread painting of Phil Miller, a NC potterer. The blocks were made by Beatrice Leapley who died in 1963.”


Marcella writes that this velvet quilt was pieced by Mrs. Leapley whose grandson gave it to her. She finished it and then gave it back to him. Sometimes we get to finish the work of others, friends and family, who have gone on. It’s always an honor.

These quilts are over 50 years old. We carry on the art and the skill of those who have gone before. Thank you, Marcella, for sharing these with us.

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